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The Rock That Is Higher

Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.--Ps. 61:2

Since many lives are lost in the lowlands of confusion, our primary need is for spiritual altitude.  The verse above is a good prayer for any one.

There is a trail within your life

Where you can climb above the crowd,

Where you can rise above the earth,

And look far down on haze and cloud.

There is a trail within your soul

Where you can climb right up to God,

And know the source whence blessings flow

To quicken life in seed and sod.

There is a trail that calls to you,

"Come, climb, and conquer heights unscaled,

That you may see with vision true,

And find life's goal where others failed."

There is a trail that you can climb,

What though death come on mountain peak!

The vision comes to those who climb!

Christ's mantle falls on those who seek!


O GOD, whose mountains tower high above the plains and alleys, teach me to set my spirit on upward trail.  Help me in all my climbing to feel the presence of Him who climbed the hills of Nazareth, Gethsemane, and Calvary. Amen.

Dr. Rick Lanford

Sharon Wolfe

Admin Assistant

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